Our air conditioning installation services are made with the most innovative and efficient products on the market within their variants, such as: variable refrigerant volume systems (V.R.V.), water chillers, roof-top units, industrial and semi-industrial units, ventilation systems, heat recovery units, air treatment units, control, and remote management systems, medium or commercial and domestic installations; always adapting to the needs of the client.

Each brand has its characteristics when it comes to being installed, no doubt it also depends on the type of Air Conditioning, in many cases the air conditioning installation, requires numerous steps, and even makes small or large works or modifications in buildings, rooms, etc.

Mechanical Solutions HVAC Pets is aware that the magnitudes are different in terms of business systems or particular systems, so it offers well-defined services with costs adjusted to each circumstance, based on budget.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Installation | This work is licensed … | Flickr

Air Conditioning Installation Sevilla

We always commit ourselves to every job we do, our intention – without a doubt -, is to give the best service, always committed to quality and good work

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Air conditioning systems are not simple refrigeration systems, the air conditioning installation process is complex and must be carried out by professionals, given that for example, in the case of private customers, an Air Conditioner may not be supported by the electrical power of the house or a series of problems, which must be corrected by the professional or technician in this case of Air Conditioning


At Mechanical Solutions HVAC Pets, we are aware that safety is paramount, so our facilities are reviewed forcefully before proceeding activated by our technicians

All our work is done with the same passion and dedication, both for private and business customers, although in the case of business customers being more complex installations, it is a priority to ensure the safety of the installation and be aware that revisions are essential for the durability of the system

Maintenance, as mentioned above, is also something essential that must be carried out periodically, to avoid problems in the facilities themselves and for people, who are in contact with the Air Conditioning systems.