Through energy alone, the power of the sun is harnessed to transmit it to a heat carrier, usually air or water. Through this renewable and sustainable energy, sources that generate electricity are applied. Today we can enjoy appliances such as water heaters thanks to solar thermal energy technology.

Free Solar Technician Installing Solar Panel Stock Photo

We are experts in solar thermal energy systems. We install, repair, and maintain your thermosiphon systems, flat collectors, propylene panels, and vacuum tube collectors.

Our company has trained a team capable of providing advice regardless of the brand of the device. In addition, we adapt to the needs of our customers. Therefore, we offer maximum comfort and of course, performance in the solar thermal energy system.

Among the services guaranteed by Mechanical Solutions, HVAC Pets are annual review, complete analysis of the intervention, use of original parts in revision, and breakdowns. The hour hand has no time limit and is not charged for the displacement of our workers. As if that were not enough, we are available on holidays and weekends.