We are technical specialists in Industrial Refrigeration in Sevilla. We carry out installations and maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration throughout the province of Sevilla and its surroundings.

Specialists in commercial RefrigerationContact us by calling us and you will be attended to by a technician who can advise you without obligation.

Our service includes work rooms, fruit and vegetable centers, meat, wine, fish, sweets, and more. In addition to installation, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance. This is how our customers have better-refrigerated bottle racks, counters, refrigerator chambers and cabinets, and horizontal and vertical freezers, among other refrigeration devices.

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There are more and more people who trust and count on our services for their condition. We only use the highest quality brands to be able to offer guarantees. Our specialists in Industrial Refrigeration have great experience in assembling, fixing, and conserving any type of Commercial Refrigeration machine.

At Mechanical Solutions HVAC Pets, we install your industrial refrigeration machine and if you already have it, we repair or maintain it.

The refrigeration service offers to maintain a stable temperature level by extracting heat from an object and taking it to a place where thermal energy can be transmitted. In this case, our company is responsible for helping you preserve food, medicines, and products that deteriorate with heat.

We put at your service professional technicians with extensive experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of industrial refrigeration in Sevilla.

The experience of more than 20 years within the refrigeration sector, Mechanical Solutions HVAC Pets becomes the best alternative to installing and repairing industrial and commercial equipment. So, we offer a better means of freezing distribution. Therefore, food is preserved much better.

If you have problems with your industrial refrigeration machine, need a new commercial refrigeration installation or simply look for a specialist to perform commercial refrigeration maintenance to guarantee its operation, call us and we will inform you.