Tips to optimize energy savings at home


Unplug rarely-used electrical appliances, such as an extra refrigerator in the basement or garage that holds only a few items. You can save a significant amount of money each month on your electric bill.

In heating and air conditioning, put the thermostat in winter between 21 and 22 in summer at a suitable room temperature, at night or when you are absent for the day, you can modify this temperature to achieve greater energy savings.



Set the temperature of your refrigerator from 4 to 6 degrees, the freezer should be between -16 and -18 degrees. Use the energy-saving switch if your refrigerator has one, and make sure it closes the door tightly, check the sealing force by putting a banknote in the gasket and close, if it is easily removed it means that we need to change the rubber. Every so often, 1 to 2 times a year, you should clean the back of the refrigerator with a vacuum cleaner or brush (dust and dirt that accumulate increase electricity consumption). Let the cooked food cool before placing it in the refrigerator, cover the liquids and wrap the food. Try not to have the fridge too empty; That way you consume more because the products and foods remain colder. When placing it in your kitchen remember to move it away from heat sources, and leave about 5 cm to the wall and sides, so that ventilation is facilitated.


Do not pre-heat or “look” inside the oven more than necessary. Check the tightness of the oven door.


Wash only full loads in your dishwasher, with short cycles for everyone. Try not to introduce too dirty dishes. This saves water and the energy used for pumping and heating. Drying can be air-drying, if you have the time, it can also reduce energy use.


Clean the lint filter from the dryer after each use in case it needs to be used. Use the clothesline when the weather is good. If available, use the humidity sensor settings.


Use enameled iron or stainless steel containers, but above all, they have a thick diffuser background. In addition, they must have a diameter greater than that of the surface of the plate (cooking will be faster and up to 20% is saved). Use the lid of the containers and turn off the heat before finishing cooking to take advantage of the residual heat.


In the case of acquiring a new one, we name a series of tips and utilities. The capacity of the electric water heater has to be calculated considering that the consumption per person and day is 30 to 50 liters. For a house with three people, you should have a thermos of at least 100 liters to ensure a sufficient supply, the water that is not spent is hot for the next use. Electric water heaters cannot be put in any position. The normalized posture is vertical, if we do not have a place for it we can look for a suitable model to place it horizontally. It is preferable to place the electric water heater inside the house or premises to minimize heat losses. It should be installed as close as possible to the place of use to reduce the length of the tube and the water that is lost waiting for the hot one to arrive. This tube must be properly insulated so as not to lose energy with the passage of water.

If you already have a thermos we advise you the following: Some equipment has a part called “sacrificial anode” or “magnesium”, it is designed to assume the corrosion produced by water and thus protect the tank. It should be replaced from time to time. We advise you to consult the manual and review it once a year. A programmer clock placed in the socket of the electric water heater will reduce energy consumption, although today they already work with automatic thermostats. One option is to program it so that the thermos does not turn on in the hours of greatest electricity consumption of the house, in this way we avoid the risk of it being heated at the same time that we have a lot of consumption, maximizing the available power, without jumping the automatic.

There are two ways to optimize water: one would be by placing a perlizador in taps and shower, you save a good percentage of the water, maintaining the same feeling. Another way would be to reduce the flow of hot water, we will close this flow more and open more cold water, therefore less hot water is spent and lasts longer.

We hope you have helped, thank you very much.