4 Mortuary Racks for Your Morgue Body Cooler

If you won a funeral home or mortuary, you must understand the importance of mortuary racks. These racks offer you a place to store the bodies of the deceased until they are ready for transportation to the cemetery or crematorium.

American Walk-in Coolers offers a wide selection of mortuary racks that you can use in your walk-in body cooler. Let’s explore the available mortuary frames that you can find for your mortuary cooler.

Two-Tier Front or End Loading Mortuary Rack

We offer mortuary racks that come with a two-tier front or end loading system that you can use in your body cooler. With the unique design of the AWIC model two-tier mortuary rack, you can load bodies on both tiers at a go. Plus, we design them so you can load from either end with minimal effort.

Premium Three-Tier Cantilever Rack

The AWIC three-tier mortuary rack is a premium option for your walk-in body cooler. The cantilever design of these racks lets you access all three shelves with absolute ease. Even when the shelves are complete, our rack design allows you to access them effortlessly. This way, you can easily store and retrieve bodies from your mortuary rack as you wish.

Four-Tier Side Loading Rack

We also have the four-shelve side loading body racks, designed to be loaded from only one side. Still, you can access and remove bodies with ease from the rack thanks to our cantilever design. With the four-tier body rack, they are designed to help you store multiple cadavers in the walk-in or custom mortuary cooler.

Five-Tier End Loading Mortuary Rack

Another type of cadaver rack for walk-in coolers is the five-tier end-loading rack. These racks let you load bodies from either end, and the cadavers can also be accessed easily on all the shelves. With the design of the five-shelf rack, you will be sure of storing more cadavers efficiently.

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